The Dark Sun Rises, The Dark Sun Sets

by Alex Paul

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released December 19, 2008



all rights reserved


Alex Paul New York, New York

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Track Name: Hold Your Head Up
Too many days on my back
And too many nights like that
I try to react to life all around me
Whiskey and gin come to my aid again
And truthfully I didn’t listen
When somebody told me

Hold your head up
When you are aching for love
You’re gonna find it for sure
You’re gonna find it I know

Told a girl that I loved her
She gave no answer
I tried hard to romance her
But I was no dancer
Oh, mercy me why’d I set my heart free?
Truthfully I didn’t bother
When somebody offered
Track Name: Minefields
Our heels might trip through the minefields
Left in our heads from things that we said
But I am determined to hold on to the things that you did wrong
I won’t forget

And I could tell you
All the things that rot my heart
But where would I start?
And I’d forgive you
But I’d have to ask of you
Can you forgive me too?
And that I won’t do

I know, it’s a battle of egos
And maybe I’ll win if I don’t give an inch
So I will deny that I knew you
Though maybe I’ll trip through some mines of my own
Track Name: Kingdom
I took a walk to the market
I took a walk down the street
Nobody was smiling
And no smiles from me
And though I lived in the kingdom
It wasn’t living in me

I took a walk to the stables
I walked down by the stream
I listened to the fables
Were the morals for me?
Cause I’d cut the cables
But was I living free?

Then I saw the mountain
Looking at me
I tried to deny it
It wouldn’t let me be
I only can defy it
But will it deny me?
Track Name: Blood
Took a fall and broke my body
Hung my head the hand of God pressing on me
Laid my bones on the bed
The lights went out in my head

The blood still flows in morning

Spoke my mind, too many words
Failed to move too many times
Laid my hands on the drums
Spoke with my limbs, held my tongue

Taught my hands to sing and shout
Clench my fists pound the passion out
Track Name: Like Fools Do
Oh my love,
What are you trying to prove?
Showing me your blood
Showing me you’re bruised
You say that nothing hurts like the truth
So that’s what I’ll use

For the record
I never loved you
Like fools do

You wanted big love
Well, I tried
I just couldn’t work it up
When I said I couldn’t get enough
I lied
I think you saw it
In my eyes

See, I love me
More than I love you
And that’s the truth
Now I don’t care if you bleed
I don’t care if you’re blue
Cause that’s what my love
Will do to you
Track Name: Fight
I can no longer speak my mind
If I buy the thoughts of the times
I try not the eat the lie
But sometimes it comes in such clever disguise

Stand up, raise your voice
Cause sometimes you gotta fight
Sometimes you gotta make some noise
Sometimes there’s just no other choice

People, what do you see?
People, what do you believe?
When the devil comes knocking do you wash his feet?
If that rings a bell then you’re just like me
Track Name: Ask Anyone
Where is my baby now?
Closed my eyes, and she slipped out
She left no sight, no sound
Brought no guilt to bring her down

Ask anyone
She threw herself to the sun

Did she go to the hills
And find her rest above my will?
No more memories to kill
Let avalanches be her fill

She walks a path that none can follow

Did she go to the sea
And let the waves carry her from me?
Or was she drawn underneath
To the depth where no light can reach?
Track Name: Los Angeles
Oh, what a night, this nine-hour drive
To leave this state where I can’t relate
My eyes are tired but I will stay wired
On caffeine and hate, I can’t wait

When morning arrives you’ll be far behind

Los Angeles I couldn’t miss you less
As I am on my way

Line after line, arrives in my eyes
And fades into black; I’m not going back.
And this is a lie:
Problems will die, when left behind

When morning arrives I’ll have a new life
Track Name: No Sorrow
Hold my hand
Don’t make me walk alone
Through this lonely town of shadow
Where I need you’re light and your warmth
To hold me ‘til I know no sorrow

But you break my heart
Still I get stuck on you

And I’ve learned on this long road
That giving grace takes being bold
And I hope for tomorrow
No sorrow